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Marie Schwarzer

Marie Schwarzer

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Marie Schwarzer

Curriculum Vitae

Marie Schwarzer, a woman of independent mind and spirit, born in Poland, educated in Poland and the USA, earned Master's Degrees in Engineering and Bio-Science.

The greatest influence on and in her life came from her father, an architect and artist who spent most of his career renovating old Gothic historical buildings partially destroyed in World War I and II. His sensitivity and love for art made its way inside her, growing bigger and bigger as she grew into a woman.

Working at UCLA for a short time, later accepted for a Research Assistant post in Biophysics and Physics of Soils at Washington State University in Pullman, she continued her advanced graduate research study at Alaska University in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Currently she is a successful business woman residing in Los Angeles, her second home for more than twenty years. She writes novels during her free time. She has successfully published her 5th science-fiction book available on & at BARNES & NOBLE. She has created over HUNDRED acrylic paintings that are opening new avenues in the human imagination and inspiring us to rediscover the world again in a different way.

Her creativity on canvas has been remarkable and her passion and love for art are captured in each of her paintings. Her melding of futuristic modern science and old world fantasy create a brand new kind of art that both excites and peacefully pleases old and young alike. Her style is unique and conveys upon the art lover something new.

Art Statement

A Delightful Old World-Style combined With Modern Impressionism: Quantum World Mingled with Modern Abstract.

Vivid colors vigorously transform each canvas into a virtual reality.

The choice of acrylic takes the viewer into a different kind of world where the iconic characters tell their stories with stimulating excitement; inviting everyone to share their thoughts and dreams and enjoy every moment on a level random felt before.

From the precision of Faberge to the futuristic Quantum worlds of human DNA, the paintings open new avenues in the human imagination, inspiring a rediscovery of our world in a different way, a beautiful way. Each brush stroke converts an extraordinary effect into an irresistible uniqueness.

It redefines colors in a unique way without boundaries, distinguished by a remarkable quality and rigorous focus on each subject.

The first series of my paintings I call Metamorphosis of Life. It contains several stages of an afterlife existence where the “Exotic Bugs” play a major role. My fascination for bugs came from my passion for enticing insects. The first painting of this series I call Romance, followed by Shall We Dance, Man in Reverse I & II, Let’s Run, Wait for Me, Transition, Lad, and finally, Chaser, a three headed golden man chasing his own past. The above paintings depict our transition into a new form of afterlife existence, an eternal one. I like to explore the possibilities of this existence and try to give each of my characters on canvas a distinct personality and extend their happiness into afresh immortal state, underlining at the same time the possibility that our life has not actually ended yet but, instead, it is still emerging in a new form overtaken by Mother Nature. When I think that my characters share their feelings with the viewers I’m fully content that I accomplished my goal and my work is finally done.

The second series of my paintings contains the Ballerina Adventures. I try to capture the detail and expression of each movement. It starts with Pirouette, a two headed ballerina in motion, then a Bug’s Ballerina, followed by Trapped Ballerina, and even more dancers performing ballet.

The third series contains a Triangle Man, Triangle Woman, and 3-D Man, where the characters are made of triangles and 3-D geometrical figures.

The next series Adam & Eve depicts Adam & Eve in temptation. The character’s bodies are painted in colorful collages.

Lately, I completed my exotic series, The Bugs Adventure, and Metamorphosis of Eleonore into a Snake. Currently I work on a new You-Tube art & book's movies.



Bull's Eye by Marie Schwarzer


Scream in Black White and Red by Marie Schwarzer


I'm a Dancer by Marie Schwarzer


Two Birds by Marie Schwarzer


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In Love by Marie Schwarzer


Nice to Meet You by Marie Schwarzer


Gathering by Marie Schwarzer


Je-Je Oli is Back by Marie Schwarzer


The Three of Us by Marie Schwarzer


The Two of Us by Marie Schwarzer


Just Passing By by Marie Schwarzer


Me and You by Marie Schwarzer